Tom's Auto Clicker Pro

Tom's Auto Clicker Pro Makes Simple Jobs Faster!

If You Want to

  place time-critical orders when the Stock or Forex market moves

  place last-second bid on eBay automatically even when you are away

  be away and login website or software and schedule tasks automatically

  free your hands let the computer repeat long tedious tasks and just watch

Then Auto Clicker Pro is the ultimate tool for you! They are just some of the benefits you will find.

Tom's Mission

Speed was Tom's mission when he created Auto Clicker Pro. Originally it was designed for automating time consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks.

Eventually it turned out to be such a user-friendly robot for a lot more different tasks only limited to one's imagination. Tom reckoned he would share his Auto Clicker Pro with the world.

Tom shares his Auto Clicker Pro free version with everyone. It includes the core functions of the software and will suit most needs.

Free version is unlimited use and never expires. It is a clean software and does not contain any annoying advertisement or malware.

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Full version unleashes the power to setup multiple tasks. Personalised layout can be exported and shared amoung multiple computers.

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